Design Meaningful Web Assets - No Coding Required.
Design Meaningful Web Assets - No Coding Required.

Harnessing the power of digital knowledge and skills for the betterment of mankind on earth.

With CyberKinesis you can build and maintain visionary websites that represents and enhances personalized customer experiences. Our designs are created with care and provided for free as solid starting points to building stunning websites. Replace text and images and build new pages with simple, intuitive, and intelligent drag and drop technology.

"If you're looking for a turnkey website presence, allow a digital designer to simplify and optimize your energy and resources through a critical point strategy and accompanying tactics to become digitally profitableWebsites don't need to be confusing or hard with an expert digital navigator on deck."

John Dee

Founder, Digital Designer, and Digital Business Consultant

More about CyberKinesis

You have discovered our digital business platform CyberKinesis on which you can build your online media assets exactly the way you envision them. This platform includes all the tools you need to create and manage a professional website, sales funnels, and e-commerce solution.

CyberKinesis is built on Amazon technology and data centers. My personal aim with the platform is to help the younger generation get to grips with the digital business environment. I hope to teach others by sharing what I know about becoming self reliant through digital business skills. 

It would be perfect if you had the desire to learn how to create and manage your own digital presence using the CK platform, which will free you from needing an agency or another web professional. A good place to start would be to learn and do the traditional way, for which no-one seems to have the time or energy; and alternatively to have a personal coach guide you into this territory. 

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